Internet is changing the rules of female empowerment in Arab region

Arab women at par with Asian females in accessing Internet

The rules of empowerment of women in the Arab region are being reframed with technology pervasiveness.  The region, otherwise known for the prevalence of high rates of women issues as well as their minimal decision making authority is crafting a new story as regards going digital.

As per the latest statistics released by ITU or International Telecommunications Union, the Internet penetration rate of women, as well as men, in the Arab countries is nearly similar to that of Asian countries.  In the Arab region, 39.4% females use an Internet connection which is equitable to 39.7% penetration rate of Asian women.  This is a paradigm shift in how the access to technology and new age facilities is percolating among the Arab women almost at the same rate as in many liberal and gender equality balanced countries in the Asian continent.

Not only are the Internet penetration rates of women in the Arab region same as in Asian countries, the usage is same in case of men as well.  47.9% men use the Internet in the Asian countries as against 47.7% in the Arabian region.  This is equally surprising to see that the Internet penetration in males is also at par among these regions.

The digital revolution is perhaps leading to gender equality and balance even in regions like Arab nations.  It is a very encouraging sign to see the women of this region rising at par with their counterparts in other nations.  Other complimenting signs like permitting women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to drive cars are also steps in the right direction.

However, the access to Internet being at par with those of Asian women will not only help increase the literacy rate of women in the Arab countries but also give them a much required connect with the other parts of the world that lets them get exposed to how women world is empowered globally.  At the same time, social networking lets them vent out the issues and challenges they might be facing and gather support.

After the technology has rewritten the history of mankind world over, its now turn of ‘regulated’ and ‘controlled’ nations as the Arab countries. However, as technology revolutionized several nations offline, it appears the Arab nations are going to witness the paradigm shift led digitally.

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